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LaWanda dropped off her new foster dog Nova today for some training and socialising with our dogs. This is our preliminary assessment of his behaviour.

Name: Nova
Sex: Male
Age: 2 years old (approximately)
Weight: 20.9 kg. He is underweight - ribs very visible.
Breed: Kelpie
AWDRI entry: http://www.workingdogrescue.com.au/2012/06/yard-29-kelpie-male-das-act/
Petrescue entry: http://www.petrescue.com.au/view/173082
Gotcha Day: LaWanda got him on Saturday 25 August, he arrived with us Sunday 26 August.
Initial Observations: As set out below.

Progress Table

Criteria/Behaviour Day 1: 26 August
Doorway etiquette Not overly pushy but needs work - definitely better than Ollie when we got him
Car travel LaWanda says good - we haven't driven him around yet.
House-training To be assessed. So far so good.
Mealtime manners Was impatient but in just a short period of time, we were able to make him wait for his treats - he seems very trainable. Definitely more patient than early-Ollie.
Basic focus work (Watch), sit and drop To be assessed. I know he has a sit but no drop. He does have excellent focus though, so I expect he'll learn quickly. He's a lot more focussed than Ollie was when we got him - Ollie wouldn't meet our eyes and had difficulty paying attention.
Go to your mat/crate/bed To be assessed. He barked like a completely demented maniac in the kitchen wire crate but is now in the soft crate in the study and is being much calmer and quieter.
1-2 camera-friendly tricks Too early
Assess friendliness/neutrality Very, very friendly with humans. Seems uncertain with other dogs - but that is to be expected.
Assess other behaviours To be assessed. Likes to jump up - which needs to be worked on - I didn't really enjoy the tongue pash he leapt up and gave me :) Is also bad on leash. On the plus side - he is very gentle about taking treats from you.

He is very sensitive to correction and people-focused. Unlike Ollie, I think that Nova would be very happy as a solo dog because while he is fine with our dogs, he doesn't crave their company.

Nova has a very calm energy - he is not at all crazy and hyper, even when thrown in with our dogs. I know that's what made Dan want to take him in even though we weren't going to have one dog after another!! :) You can tell by looking into his rather sad eyes that he's had a very tough life - he looks quite resigned and sorrowful - no exercise, no training, no affection ... I'm sure he'll perk right up once he's been pampered and spoiled a bit :)


Attentive Kelpies

Kelpie intensity

Nova's pound photo:

A video of Nova's first day of training. He was VERY unhappy in the crate at first but is doing well now.

He is pretty happy to chill out on a dog bed and didn't even get up when Dan left the room to get a Coke.

Here's some video footage of Nova's first day here

Some photos taken by LaWanda yesterday are here.

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Date: 2012-08-26 09:42 am (UTC)
msgenevieve: (insect overlords by dashberlin)
From: [personal profile] msgenevieve
ZOMG - that group photo - it's the Kelpie version of Children of the Corn!

So in awe of you and Dan for what you're doing - another doggie's life is about to change forever because of you guys. *hugs*


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